The Girls Vocational Training Institute in Accra (Ghana) trains girls in electrical engineering.

Priority area sustainable economic development Vocational training and financial systems development

The aim of German development cooperation in the area of economic development is to increase the number of jobs, especially in small and medium-sized businesses, and improve their access to financial services.

In order to overcome the lack of skilled workers in micro and small enterprises, Germany is involved in targeted efforts to improve the vocational training on offer to those working in employment-intensive industries. For example, training opportunities for young people are being created in collaboration with the private sector.

In the field of financial systems development, Germany is providing support for, inter alia, financial basic education, the setting-up of payment systems and a deposit guarantee scheme, the provision of micro loans, the development of micro-insurance products, and the setting-up of regional and local advice centres, especially in rural areas.

As part of German Financial Cooperation, a mobile cashless payment system (e-zwich) is being supported. In December 2017 the system had 2.3 million users and the numbers were still growing. Social benefits are now also being processed via e-zwich. The payment system is a secure alternative to cash, especially in rural areas where access to banks and government agencies is difficult.