Presenter at Radio Okapi, operated by the UN

Core area “Peaceful and inclusive societies” Fostering dialogue and reconciliation, preventing new conflicts

The basis for German engagement in this area is the stabilisation strategy pursued by the UN peace mission MONUSCO and the mission’s transition strategy with its aim of handing over to a UNDP-led UN team.

One objective is to improve the livelihoods of people in the conflict-affected regions of North and South Kivu, for instance by revitalising the agricultural sector and improving the drinking water supply. Another aim is to foster peaceful political dialogue and reconciliation. One way of doing this is by targeting support towards civil society forces, such as women’s rights organisations, with a view to assisting them in participating in local governance and peace processes. Germany is also supporting efforts to provide legal advice and support for the victims of sexual and gender-based violence.

KfW Development Bank is investing in the construction of markets, warehouses, roads, schools and health centres via a peace fund. This is helping to stimulate the local economy, and the mainly rural inhabitants are able to diversify and stabilise their incomes thanks to improved access to markets. By involving those people who are able to work in the construction measures, it is possible to provide them with some additional income, at least temporarily.