Cleaning worker at the bus station in São Paulo

Political situation Crisis leads to political change of direction

After a "golden decade" of growth (2003 to 2013) accompanied by success in reducing poverty, Brazil is currently going through an economic, political and social crisis.

In recent years, widespread corruption involving leading personalities from the worlds of politics and business has come to light. Numerous politicians and government officials have been accused of corrupt dealings while in office and are under investigation. The corruption scandal and a difficult economic crisis have caused a surge in discontent among the population.

The presidential elections in 2018 were won by the conservative politician Jair Bolsonaro, who became the country's president on 1 January 2019. President Bolsonaro has announced a comprehensive programme of measures to address the urgent problems the country is facing. Jair Bolsonaro has appointed seven former members of the military forces to serve in his cabinet. The new president has named fighting corruption and crime, and boosting the economy as his political priorities.