Bolivian women cleaning dishes in a river.

Priority area Drinking water supply and sanitation

Bolivian-German development cooperation in this field focuses on the development of quality, sustainable drinking water and sanitation systems and people's access to such systems in rural communities and, in particular, in poor peri-urban areas around Santa Cruz, Sucre and Tarija.

These efforts are intended to improve people's living conditions, facilitate better adaptation to climate change, and help conserve natural resources. In order to achieve all that, efforts are under way to develop infrastructure, improve the framework for the water sector, and expand available training programmes.


Thanks to Germany's support, drinking water and sanitation services are being improved for 1.2 million people. In the Santa Cruz metropolitan area and in Tarija, water committees now ensure the sustainable management of water resources for a total of 3.2 million people. In a number of public facilities, water consumption was successfully reduced by 25 per cent.

As at: 09/08/2022