View of the Bolivian capital La Paz

Priority area Energy

The activities of Bolivian-German development cooperation in the priority area of energy help to achieve universal power access, increase energy efficiency, and diversify power generation – with a growing share of renewable energy – as well as introducing electric mobility in local public transport.

The programme is intended to boost the utilisation of the country's potential for solar and wind energy, which will contribute towards implementing the Paris Agreement and the country's Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).


So far, 1.2 million people in Bolivia have been given access to energy from modern and efficient power generation. This is 34 per cent of the rural population. Germany's activities have also helped to reduce the disadvantages that renewable energy was facing with regard to grid access for power from decentralised installations. People who generate power from photovoltaic systems on household or company rooftops now receive money when they feed that power into the public grid.

As at: 09/08/2022