Workers building a new dam road in Khulna

Priority area Adaptation to climate change in urban areas Preparing for climate risks

Bangladesh is one of the countries worst affected by the impacts of climate change. For example, if the climate continues to warm, the Bay of Bengal is likely to see a considerable rise in sea levels and the loss of about ten per cent of the adjoining land area by the year 2050. Experts forecast that this could lead to some 15 million people migrating, with most moving into the country's larger cities.

Given this possible scenario, Germany is helping the Bangladesh government to take climate risks into greater account in its development and investment planning. The Bangladesh government is also receiving help to improve its capacity to coordinate climate change mitigation and adaptation measures and to apply for funding from international assistance programmes.

As part of one of Germany's Financial Cooperation measures, selected towns and cities are receiving support in preparing for climate change, also so that they can offer the people living there decent economic and social prospects. Thus, these towns and cities are receiving help with the construction of secure trunk roads, so that public buildings such as hospitals and schools can still be reached during floods or storms. In addition, Germany is investing in the paving of roads in urban slum areas and in improved drinking water supply and sewage disposal systems.