Core area “Climate and energy, just transition” Applying environmental legislation effectively and creating a “green” economy

Economic development, population growth and climate change are putting increasing pressure on Algeria's natural resources. This applies particularly to the northern part of the country, where more than two thirds of the population occupy just one fifth of the country's total area.

Solar plant in Algeria
Solar plant in Algeria

Projects in the field of environmental and climate policy

By regional standards, Algeria's environmental legislation is very advanced. Germany is assisting its partner country with a large number of projects to help it implement its environmental and climate policies effectively:

  • Environmental taxation law: improved implementation of environmental regulations, increased tax revenues
  • Climate governance: improvement of the institutional and legal environment at the national and local levels in order to be able to achieve national climate targets; efforts to reinforce national and international climate financing; climate change adaptation measures in the pilot sector of forestry and climate change mitigation measures in the pilot sector of energy
  • Integrated coastal management: protecting the environment and biodiversity on the Mediterranean coast (training, data management, financing of protected areas, support for user groups)
  • Energy efficiency in the private sector: support for Algeria's energy efficiency agency with regard to setting up a pilot network for energy efficiency in enterprises and developing innovative instruments to reduce energy consumption in the private sector; practice-oriented training for energy managers from enterprises
  • Waste management: value chain development in the waste management sector; development of recycling systems for packaging and used tires; improvement of employment opportunities in municipal waste management; more effective monitoring of external service providers
  • Green communities: support for four pilot municipalities' efforts to draft and implement their action plans for renewable energy and energy efficiency; assistance for 30 Algerian municipalities' efforts to improve energy management, through activities such as the introduction of energy management software; expansion of these approaches to further communities
  • Renewable energy: advice on solar and wind parks with regard to tender procedures, construction, and integration into the grid; support for the energy transition from natural gas to renewable energy sources for power generation; creation of new employment opportunities in the sustainable energy sector
  • Green hydrogen: start of a pilot project to produce what is called green hydrogen and Power-to-X products; advice on the development of a national hydrogen strategy; training of green hydrogen experts; support for new business models; investment