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A Marshall Plan with Africa

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We need a paradigm shift; we have to realise that Africa is not the continent of cheap commodities but that the people of Africa need infrastructure and a future.
German Development Minister Gerd Müller

With the publication of the 'Cornerstones of a Marshall Plan with Africa', the Federal Development Ministry has lent significant fresh momentum to the discussion about what cooperation with Africa should look like in the future.

The process started with an invitation to the African partner countries with which Germany is engaged in development cooperation, as well as the private sector and academia, the churches, society and policymakers, to discuss the ideas and solutions proposed in the Marshall Plan and to help develop them further. The deadline for comments was 26 February 2017.

Thanks go to all of them for their lively and constructive engagement in the dialogue.

Many constructive proposals

Over the course of the dialogue process in January and February, our web pages on the Marshall Plan with Africa were viewed over 25,000 times and over 300 comments were posted, putting forward many constructive ideas. The Plan was shared 378 times on the BMZ Facebook page and commented on more than 400 times. Through Facebook, we were able to reach about 137,000 people.

You can find cross-section of the comments made on the key issues addressed in the Plan and some of the views expressed here (in German only).

Click here to read our draft (as at January 2017) or here to download the file (PDF 1.3 MB).

Sie finden die deutsche Fassung (Stand Januar 2017) des Marshallplan mit Afrika hier (PDF 1,6 MB).

Vous trouvez la version française (mise à jour du janvier 2017) du Plan Marshall avec l'Afrique ici (PDF 1,7 MB).

The next steps

There is no one solution, no one way of responding to the challenges that Africa faces. So we will take on board the many ideas that were floated as part of our dialogue on the Marshall Plan and incorporate them into our cooperation with African countries on various levels. The BMZ will use those ideas to flesh out the over 100 cornerstones of the Marshall Plan and inform our political dialogue at international level.

It was in that spirit that Minister Müller presented the Marshall Plan with Africa to the Commission of the African Union on 4 April in Addis Ababa and discussed with the Commissioners this goal of taking cooperation with Africa to a new dimension. He had previously presented the Plan to the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Abidjan on 2 March and the German-African Business Summit in Nairobi on 9 February and discussed it with representatives there.

New EU strategy on Africa

The EU is currently working on a new Africa strategy. The German government is pressing for the ideas put forward in the Marshall Plan with Africa to be integrated into the strategy, which is why Minister Müller presented it to the EU Development Council in Brussels on 16 March. Germany will also be endeavouring to have the Plan's cornerstones reflected in preparations for the EU-Africa Summit of heads of state and government in November 2017.

Africa - a focus of Germany's presidency of the G20

Germany will also be bringing the ideas that emerged from the dialogue on the Marshall Plan to the G20 process. Within the G20, the German government is campaigning for a partnership with Africa that offers stable conditions for inclusive growth and sustainable economic development. One example is the G20 "Compact with Africa" initiative, which aims to promote private investment in infrastructure.

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