Newsletter 01 | February 2017

Marshall Plan with Africa

Special Edition: A Marshall Plan with Africa

Dear Readers,

With the publication of the 'Cornerstones of a Marshall Plan with Africa', the Federal Development Ministry has kicked off a discussion about what its cooperation with Africa should look like in the future.

The African partner countries with which Germany is engaged in development cooperation, as well as the private sector and academia, the churches, society and policymakers, are all invited to discuss the ideas and solutions proposed in the Marshall Plan and to help develop them further.

We invite anyone interested in this topic to send us their own ideas and experiences. We look forward to engaging in a constructive dialogue with you.

Click here to read the draft text or here to download the file (PDF 1.3 MB).

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Join in the dialogue

Federal Minister Gerd Müller at the presentation of the Marshall Plan with Africa

Please send us your comments by e-mail or by post

If you wish to share your comments by e-mail, please send them by 26 February 2017 to Please indicate the chapter or topic that your comments refer to, as this makes our work easier.

Of course, you may also send us your comments by post. Please send them by 26 February 2017 to the following address:

Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ)
Re: Marshall Plan with Africa
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We need a paradigm shift; we have to realise that Africa is not the continent of cheap commodities but that the people of Africa need infrastructure and a future.

Gerd Müller
German Development Minister

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