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German Development Ministry increases support for Somalia

Farmers in Somalia using the FMNR method (Farmer Managed Natural Reforestation) on their land

Press release of 11.05.2017 |

BERLIN – On the occasion of an international conference taking place in London today, the German Development Ministry (BMZ) announced that it would increase its support for Somalia. The BMZ will provide 100 million euros for 2017 in order to help improve the living conditions of starving people on a longer-term basis and facilitate economic development on the ground.

German Development Minister Gerd Müller said, "After decades of civil war, we can finally see some hope for Somalia and, for the first time, a chance that peace and development may be attainable. We want to support the country along that road, and we want to prevent the current drought crisis in the Horn of Africa from undoing the progress that has been made recently. That is why Germany is significantly increasing its development support this year. We want to help Somalia's people so that they can rebuild their country through their own efforts."

In its efforts to fight hunger in Somalia, the BMZ is working closely with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). About half of the money pledged by the BMZ will be channelled through WFP and UNICEF. The purpose of this assistance is to improve the food security and health status of people in need.

The rest of the amount will be used by the BMZ, based on consultation with the Somali government, to give the country's young people better economic opportunities. Activities will be geared towards rebuilding the country's infrastructure, most of which has been destroyed, and, in the medium term, gradually creating a nationwide vocational school system based on the German model. Last year, the BMZ provided about 38 million euros in support for Somalia.

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