No peace without development

Germany and Afghanistan launch employment generation programme

German Development Ministry ties cooperation to progress on reform

Road building project in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan

Press release of 10.03.2017 |

BERLIN – Germany's Development Ministry will tie one third of its new commitments for Afghanistan to the successful implementation of further reforms. The intention is to bolster efforts to fight corruption, promote equal rights for women and strengthen reform-minded forces in Afghanistan. Representatives of both governments agreed on these measures at joint negotiations on future cooperation recently held in Berlin.

Germany and Afghanistan also agreed to launch an employment generation programme based, amongst other measures, on the construction of roads and schools. Afghan communities will cover ten per cent of the costs of the infrastructure projects out of their own coffers. The programme is to create job opportunities primarily in rural areas, which will help improve the economic situation there.

Following the negotiations, German Development Minister Gerd Müller said: "No peace without development. That is why we intend to support and expand reconstruction in Afghanistan. An employment programme which involves infrastructure projects will help to improve the economic situation of rural communities. In Afghanistan, as elsewhere, the key to a better future is in education, training and employment. Together with our Afghan partners, we have already achieved a great deal. That is why we have pledged to step up our cooperation, provided the Afghan government continues to make progress – for example, in its efforts to fight corruption."

During their talks, the German Development Ministry and the Afghan government agreed on development cooperation support worth almost 160 million euros. Some of these funds are to be used to improve the drinking water supply in Kabul and develop vocational training projects. Eighty million euros will be tied to the successful implementation of further reforms.

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