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Call for greater EU commitment – Minister Müller attends meeting of EU ministers for development cooperation

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Press release of 02.02.2016 |

Amsterdam – The EU development ministers met today for talks about Europe's contribution to fighting the root causes of displacement. Federal Minister Gerd Müller called for a significant increase of European commitment.

"There has been enough talking," Minister Müller said, "now we need to start implementing. We need a Marshall Plan for the Middle East. We need to immediately create opportunities for the millions of people that have been displaced by the Syria crises. Every euro we invest is also an investment in our future and it has a multiplied effect in the region. It is high time the EU made ten billion euros available for the crisis region. If this does not happen, we will be faced with even greater refugee movements."

The Syria pledging conference that will be held in London this Thursday was top of the agenda at the meeting of the development ministers. Germany wants to launch an employment campaign at the conference. The idea is to create work and income in the crisis region for 500,000 refugees. They are to help build health posts, schools and housing. Germany wants to create a cash for work programme to use the untapped potential. People in the region will be given opportunities to work and the region as such will benefit from an economic boost. The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development will provide 200 million euros to launch the programme.

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