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Hans-Joachim Fuchtel in Moldova and Ukraine

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Press release of 18.04.2016 |

Chisinau/Republic of Moldova – Parliamentary State Secretary Hans-Joachim Fuchtel strongly believes in investment in the private sector and municipal cooperation in the countries of eastern Europe. These will be the focus themes of his visit to the Republic of Moldova and to Ukraine, starting this Monday in Chisinau.

"Especially in view of the currently difficult economic environment, people in Moldova and Ukraine need opportunities for the future in their home countries," Hans-Joachim Fuchtel said at the beginning of his visit. "We want to help them achieve economic growth and improve living conditions. Yet we can only deliver if we have strong partners at our side, that is the private sector and the governments. Only then will we be able to convince people in these countries of the benefit of increasing cooperation with Europe and of the European idea."

In Moldova, State Secretary Fuchtel visited Introscop, a company producing wiring systems for the automotive industry that benefits from support through German development cooperation. It is one of only a few Moldovan companies that have successfully managed to move into international markets, making it one of the most promising companies of the country with international operations. The company is a good example of how German development cooperation can help companies find new clients and thus help to create new jobs.

Social projects, too, are on the agenda of the visit. Hans-Joachim Fuchtel will open a school for children with mental disabilities that has received support through German cooperation. The school sends a clear message for equal opportunities, good education, training and job opportunities for all, including those who are less fortunate.

In Ukraine, the Parliamentary State Secretary will visit several development cooperation projects. He will also meet for discussions with Ukrainian students and have talks with representatives of medium-sized companies. The main focus, however, will be on forms of cooperation between municipalities and civil society (know-how partnerships), which will be addressed at a conference of municipalities in Lemberg, which Fuchtel will open.

"Now in particular, with the formation of a new government, the German government expects the Ukrainian side to remain above all steadfast in its commitment to reforms," Fuchtel said. "We hope, in particular, that the new government will make decisive progress in the areas of decentralisation, reducing bureaucracy and anti-corruption."

In both countries, State Secretary Fuchtel will have numerous political meetings, for instance with the Prime Minister, the economics minister and leading members of the opposition in the Republic of Moldova and with representatives from the Ukrainian government and local politicians in Ukraine.

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