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Minister Müller says new pact on world's future offers chance to fight causes of displacement

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Press release of 25.09.2015 |

Berlin – As he left for the United Nations Summit in New York, Minister Gerd Müller spoke of the opportunities offered by the new sustainability goals to make global development more equitable. Senior world leaders are gathering in New York to agree on globally valid Sustainable Development Goals, forging a new pact on the world's future.

Müller commented, "The current refugee crisis is demonstrating quite dramatically just how closely dependent all of us on this planet now are on each other. There is no longer a first, second or third world. There is only one world, in which each of us bears a responsibility. Liberating people from hunger and poverty while at the same time preserving the integrity of creation – that is the big new challenge we face.

The new pact on the world's future we will be concluding in New York will enable us to offer people life options in the places where they are born and where their families live.

The Millennium Development Goals helped us to make a great deal of progress. Now we need to get more ambitious and work faster. We need to do more than halve poverty – we need to end it. We need to do more than alleviate hunger – we need to achieve a world without hunger. That is the most effective way to solve the problems that make people flee their homes.

The new goals apply to the entire world – that means Germany, too. Because sustainable development begins right here, with every one of us. From the coffee we drink each morning, to the clothes we wear, to the gold used to make our jewellery or the tantalum in our mobile phone. Our consumption patterns impact on the living conditions of many people, who live in what only appear to be faraway countries. Every chain of production begins with a person in a plantation or a field, down a mine or at a sewing machine. The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles we have launched in Germany shows that we are willing to play a responsible role and work for fair and sustainable standards."

Once the Sustainable Development Goals have been adopted, work will begin on putting the agenda into action. The BMZ is currently touring Germany with a roadshow, looking at all these issues of crucial importance to our future; this Monday it will be in Munich. Last year, the Development Ministry published its Charter for the Future, a document setting out some ideas on what should be included in the sustainability goals. It was the result of an intense dialogue with the general public, non-governmental organisations, businesses, the churches and many people with a particular interest in the issues and was presented in November to the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

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