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Indo-German development cooperation sends strong signal in run-up to Paris climate summit

Federal Minister for Development Gerd Müller with the Indian Minister of Finance, Jayanth Sinha, at the German-Indian government consultations

Press release of 05.10.2015 |

New Delhi – Future cooperation between the BMZ and India will be very much informed by the new UN sustainability goals. Germany will support the Indian government in working towards its goal of increasing solar energy generation fivefold. The BMZ will also invest in the expansion of the power grid and in sustainable urban and economic development, and there will be increased cooperation on vocational education and on agriculture.

For the first time, India has announced its own contributions to global climate change mitigation. By 2030, the government wants to make the economy far more energy-efficient. This includes bringing the share of renewable sources in the electricity mix from the current level of five per cent to 25 per cent.

German Development Minister Müller said, "The solar partnership between India and Germany that we launched today will make a crucial contribution towards India's ability to attain its climate goals. Germany's development cooperation is contributing significantly to sustainable economic development that fosters climate and environmental protection and helps reduce poverty and hunger. We are thus sending a signal of our determination in the run-up to the Paris climate summit. After all, it will only be possible to halt climate change if we work in concert with the emerging economies."

The BMZ and the Indian government reached agreement on a total of nearly 1.5 billion euros in development cooperation commitments, mostly in the form of reduced-interest loans. 950 million euros of this has been dedicated to climate action.

The Indo-German solar partnership focuses on rooftop installations, which are not yet very common in India. A first reduced-interest loan of 300 million euros has been committed for this now, and there are plans to bring the total loan amount to one billion euros after five years. The Indian side, too, will be making available billions of euros for this effort.

The BMZ also supports the urbanisation strategy of the Indian government, as there continues to be migration to the large conurbations. The BMZ is contributing 350 million euros to that strategy. Following the Indo-German government consultations, Minister Müller will visit social projects in New Delhi. Tomorrow, he will go to the Green College in Rukka in the State of Jharkhand, which is one of the BMZ's "green innovation centres".

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