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Jordan in the fifth year of the Syrian crisis – Germany commits further funding

A boy collecting water from a tank in the Jordanian refugee camp Zaatari

Press release of 12.11.2015 |

In view of the fact that there are about 630,000 officially registered refugees from Syria in Jordan, Germany has made a commitment to provide further support to Jordan. 

At the Jordanian-German government talks in Amman, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) made a commitment of 98 million euros. This funding is intended to help Jordan to improve its infrastructure in the medium to long term, especially with regard to water supply and wastewater management. Jordan is one the most water-poor countries in the world. Most of the refugees are living in Jordan's towns and communities and not in refugee camps. Thus, the projects that Germany is supporting do not only benefit the refugees but also the Jordanian communities that are hosting Syrian families.

In addition, a total of 30 million euros has been committed to the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, for an education programme for Syrian and Jordanian children and for the improvement of the water supply and sanitation infrastructure at Zaatari refugee camp.

In total, the BMZ is thus making available another 128 million euros for Jordan to cope with the refugee crisis. The funding comprises both grants and reduced-interest loans. 

Since the beginning of the Syrian refugee crisis in 2012, the BMZ has thus far provided 475 million euros in support of Jordan. Improving the living conditions of refugees in Syria's neighbouring countries can make a decisive contribution towards reducing the number of refugees coming to Europe.

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