BMZ publishes G7 Elmau Progress Report: "Biodiversity – a vital foundation for sustainable development"

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22.05.2015 |

Today, on the International Day for Biological Diversity, the G7 has released its Elmau Progress Report: "Biodiversity – a vital foundation for sustainable development”. Every year, prior to its summit of heads of state and government, the G7 presents a report on the progress it has made in meeting its development-related commitments.

For many years now, Germany and the other G7 countries have been supporting the conservation of global biodiversity with substantial levels of funding and with numerous concrete measures and projects. Together these countries are some of the biggest donors in the field of international biodiversity protection. In Heiligendamm in 2007 and in Deauville in 2011, the G7 agreed to intensify their efforts to reduce the loss of biodiversity. In the Progress Report the G7 provide a transparent account of what has been achieved in terms of these efforts over the past year.

The G7 member countries have adopted important international and domestic measures with a view to preserving biological diversity. The Report describes examples of proven good practice. For example, support is provided for the management of nature reserves, the establishment of ecological corridors and for efforts to tackle poaching, illegal logging and illicit trading in wild animals. The G7 also supports the sustainable use of natural resources and efforts to control invasive alien species. The G7 countries have also started to address the main indirect drivers of biodiversity loss, for example, by changing consumer incentives or by making knowledge available about the multiple values of natural capital in order that they may be incorporated within decision-making.

In its latest progress report the G7 acknowledges the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services for human well-being, sustainable development and poverty reduction. The Report argues that progress on the biodiversity goal can help in achieving other development goals and G7 commitments with regard to food security, health and climate change.

However, the pressure on vital natural resources is continuing to grow. The G7 is well aware that this task is still far from having been completed. Its members therefore continue to act on their commitment to engage with determination in efforts to preserve biodiversity.

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