Crisis in Burundi

Germany suspends government-related programmes of its development cooperation with Burundi

10.06.2015 |

Berlin – In response to recent political developments in Burundi, the BMZ is suspending all activities under its bilateral development cooperation with Burundi that involve cooperation with the government. The negotiations with the Government of Burundi on new commitments, originally scheduled for late 2015, will be cancelled until further notice. Germany is thus responding to the latest developments in Burundi, which were caused by President Nkurunziza when he announced that he would run for a third term in office. Burundi's constitution is based on the Arusha peace agreement forged in 2000, according to which a president is not allowed to run for a third term.

German Development Minister Müller said, "Burundi is on the verge of sliding into a spiral of violence because the government is disregarding democratic principles and not even stopping short of torturing political opponents. In this situation, we feel that there is no basis any more for cooperation with the government. However, we are not leaving the suffering people to fend for themselves. We do not want to punish them for the behaviour of their government. We will continue all activities that give direct support to people on the ground and meet their basic needs."

At the Geneva donor conference in 2012, the Government of Burundi had made a commitment to respect and foster human rights. In response, the international community had declared its willingness to increase its financial support. Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world and tops the Global Hunger Index.

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