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Germany to provide additional support for the World Food Programme in Yemen

Minister Müller says: "We must not forget the people affected by this civil war!"

Civil war refugees in a camp in Yemen

Press release of 17.07.2015 |

Berlin – Germany is significantly raising its support for the people of Yemen, who are severely affected by the war there. Germany's Development Ministry announced today that it would make available additional funding of nearly 26 million euros for the World Food Programme, to help it get food supplies to the Yemeni people in spite of the ongoing combat action. According to latest figures by the United Nations, more than eighty per cent of Yemen's people are dependent on outside help.

Commenting on the decision, Minister Müller said: "Yemen is yet another Middle East country in danger of sliding into a severe and prolonged crisis. And yet again, it is the civilian population who are paying the price. Children, women and old people are particularly vulnerable – but it has become increasingly difficult to get food aid to them because of the continuous fighting. We regard the WFP as a trustworthy and experienced partner organisation, which is able to reach people throughout the country quickly. The Programme is doing an excellent job of delivering aid in what are very difficult circumstances. Irrespective of these efforts, what the Yemen really needs is peace and stability. Only a political solution will bring an end to the suffering being endured by the people there."

Last year, in 2014, Germany was already the largest supporter of the World Food Programme in Yemen. The funds provided by Germany are being used in particular to help malnourished children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Even before the current civil war started in April 2015, there were already 2.2 million chronically malnourished children in Yemen. As part the current package of assistance for Yemen, Germany's Federal Foreign Office has already provided six million euros in humanitarian aid, which have been used in particular to provide health services and drinking water, and to protect the civilian population. With the additional funding just announced by the BMZ, the package of assistance provided by the German government to Yemen will come to a total of 32 million euros so far this year.

On several occasions this year, the World Food Programme has warned of the horrendous conditions in Yemen and has appealed for financial support from the international community.   "This additional support could not have come at a better time, since we are engaged in an effort to provide food for millions of people affected by war and conflict," said Purnima Kashyap, WFP's Country Director for Yemen. "That is why we are very grateful to Germany for this latest contribution."

Kashyab added: "The food situation in Yemen is deteriorating rapidly, with more than six million people having virtually no access to food. These people urgently need food supplies from the outside world." 

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