Federal Minister Müller meets Afghan President Ghani and announces support for employment programme

Federal Minister Gerd Müller meets Ashraf Ghani, President of Afghanistan.

Press release of 04.12.2015 |

Berlin – Germany will support the Afghan employment programme for young people in Afghanistan. The target group of the programme includes the more than one million people who are internally displaced in Afghanistan. Germany will contribute 25 million euros to support President Ghani's national employment programme. After meeting the Afghan President during his state visit to Berlin, Minister Gerd Müller said:  "Afghanistan still needs our support for reconstruction, government reforms and the peace process. But, first and foremost, young people need jobs and opportunities. That is why we are supporting the Afghan government's employment programme."

The programme envisages investment in public infrastructure as a means to create as many jobs as possible. Infrastructure projects such as repairing roads and irrigation canals are to be implemented in 4,700 communities over the next two years. Seventy per cent of the funds will be used to pay wages; the communities are required to contribute ten per cent. This is to ensure that the communities will assume responsibility for maintaining the infrastructure.

The development cooperation with Afghanistan is subject to certain conditions. The Afghan government is required to implement reforms over the next few months that have been agreed on with the donors and are aimed at boosting the economy. For instance setting up a business in the country is to become easier.

These conditions are part of the reform programme that the Afghan government and the donor community agreed upon in preparation of the next international donor conference. This conference will be held in Brussels in October next year.

Yesterday's meeting between President Ghani and Minister Müller focused on the difficult security situation and economic situation in Afghanistan. Since the end of the ISAF mission, insecurity and violence have increased in the country. Relief organisations, companies and many Afghans are therefore leaving their country. In the last two months alone more than 70,000 Afghan refugees have arrived in Germany – a huge loss for the country, according to President Ghani.

In order to stabilise the security situation, NATO countries are currently extending and expanding the Resolute Support Mission mandate. Military support, however, will have to be paired with a comprehensive approach in order to help the country during reconstruction.

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