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Dramatic refu­gee situ­a­tion in Jordan: German De­vel­op­ment Ministry supports host commu­ni­ties in providing infra­structure

Federal Minister Gerd Müller in conversation with a Syrian refugee family in Mafraq (Jordan), February 2014

12.09.2014 |

Berlin – Germany is increasing its support for Jordan, which is under sig­nifi­cant strain as a result of the Syrian refugee crisis. On the occasion of the Jordanian-German gov­ern­ment nego­tia­tions, Minister Gerd Müller committed another 38 million euros in grants. Germany will also provide reduced-interest loans for programmes in Jordan.

Jordan with its 6.5 million inhabitants has taken in far more than 600,000 Syrian refugees. Most of them are living in host cities and villages.

Minister Müller said, "Jordan and its people are making tremendous efforts to host and assist refugees from neigh­bouring Syria. Since my last visit to Jordan in February, the situ­a­tion has exacerbated dramatically. In the past few months, another 20,000 people from Syria have taken refuge in Jordan. Almost half of the refugees are children. The host commu­nities are doing a tremendous job. We are there­fore supporting them in setting up the requisite infra­structure."

At noon, Minister Müller met the Jordanian delegation for the conclusion of the bilateral gov­ern­ment talks. The delegation was headed by Dr. Saleh Kharabsheh, Secretary General at the Jordanian Planning Ministry.

German support for Jordan focuses on municipal drinking water supply, the construction of water pipes and waste­water treat­ment plants, and waste management.

Jordan is one the most water-poor coun­tries in the world. As a result of the refugee crisis, the country's scarce water resources now need to be shared by even more people every day. Some 80 per cent of the refugees from neigh­bouring Syria have found refuge in Jordanian communities, mainly in northern Jordan.

In many of these towns, the popu­la­tion has doubled within one year. Local infra­structure for water and energy supply and health and education services, which had been under strain even before, is reaching its limits, par­tic­u­lar­ly in the water sector.

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