Hans-Joachim Fuchtel visits Bangladesh

Parliamentary State Secretary Hans-Joachim Fuchtel

23.10.2014 |

A week after the launch of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, the Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Development Ministry, Hans-Joachim Fuchtel, will leave today for a visit to Bangladesh. During his three-day visit, he will talk with the managers of textiles companies and production facilities, as well as with buyers and experts.

Before departing, Hans-Joachim Fuchtel said: "We have been working with Bangladesh for many years now in order to improve compliance with environmental and social standards in the textiles industry – an industry that is of vital importance for the country. The BMZ has invested some 10 million euros in projects in this sector. Since 2010, around 100,000 workers, managers and factory owners have taken part in advanced training measures, and supervisory staff have received training and been given jobs in monitoring buildings and general safety standards. Following the dreadful collapse eighteen months ago of the Rana Plaza factory, in which more than a thousand people lost their lives, Germany took steps also to provide support for the casualties and their families. German support measures have included health care as well as assistance in finding new jobs. We therefore call on the textiles industry to pay into the help fund for the casualties of the Rana Plaza disaster. According to trade union reports, not even half of the casualties and their families have so far received financial compensation."

On Saturday, the Parliamentary State Secretary will meet for talks with textile workers who were employed in the Rana Plaza building and badly injured there, and who, with help from Germany, are now receiving training to enable them work in new areas.

Hans-Joachim Fuchtel said: "We shall not leave the people affected by the Rana Plaza disaster in the lurch. They need new jobs so that they and their families have genuine prospects for the future."

On Monday, 27 October 2014, Hans-Joachim Fuchtel, who is also Germany's Governor on the board of the Asian Development Bank, will travel on to the capital city of the Philippines, Manila. There, he will meet the President of the Asian Development Bank, Takehido Nakao, as well as other high-ranking Bank officials for talks.

While in Manila, Hans-Joachim Fuchtel will also hold meetings with partners for German development cooperation, visit a DEG-sponsored project and ASEAN's Center for Biodiversity. When visiting the ASEAN Center, he will plant a tree to mark the importance of conserving nature's diversty.

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