Winterproof shelters

Aid convoy has arrived in Ukraine

Lorries from Germany carrying equipment to be used to set up winterproof shelters in eastern Ukraine at the Polish-Ukrainian border at Jagodin

07.10.2014 |

This morning a convoy of lorries from Germany carrying equipment to be used to set up winterproof shelters and infrastructure in eastern Ukraine arrived in Ukraine. The convoy comprising 112 lorries crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border this morning at Jagodin.

On board the lorries was around 746 tonnes of relief supplies from Germany. The supplies and equipment include the first few mobile housing units, mobile kitchens, generators, hot water boilers, supply tanks for water and diesel, hygiene kits, camp beds, medical equipment and consumables. The supplies will now be brought to a distribution centre near Kiev, where goods procured in Ukraine are being stored. Everything will then be sorted and repacked ready for its final destination. Beds, tables, cupboards, winter clothing, mattresses, blankets and household equipment for a total of 2.7 million euros have been bought in Ukraine itself. Altogether the supplies making up this relief shipment are worth about 10 million euros.

The list of goods to be shipped has been determined in close coordination with the authorities in Ukraine. The goods are destined for the eastern Ukrainian towns of Kharkiv, Sloviansk, Mariupol, Zaporizhia and Dnipropetrovsk. Over the next few weeks further mobile housing units for a total of 4,000 internally displaced persons will be delivered.

The aid convoy has been organised by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development together with the Federal Foreign Office. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), supported by the German Red Cross and the Federal Agency for Technical Relief, is implementing the transport on behalf of the BMZ. Other relief agencies, including the Ukrainian Red Cross, will be responsible for distributing the supplies to the refugees.

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