Germany to send relief supplies to help refugees in Ukraine

Federal Minister Müller calls plan "a concrete gesture of direct help for people in the Ukraine"

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04.10.2014 |

In view of the looming winter in the Ukraine and the plight of many people there, in particular in the east of the country, the German government is despatching further supplies.

By mid-October, more than a hundred lorries from all over Germany will carry relief supplies to the Ukraine, in particular to eastern towns and cities. The supplies and equipment include mobile housing units, mobile kitchens, heaters and generators, supply tanks for water and diesel, winter clothing, blankets and camp beds as well as hygiene kits. The content of the shipments has been closely coordinated with the Ukrainian government. The supplies they contain are destined primarily for the eastern Ukrainian towns of Kharkiv, Sloviansk, Mariupol, Zaporizhia and Dnipropetrovsk. Some of the supplies and equipment are being purchased in the Ukraine. The relief supplies being shipped are worth around ten million euros.

Minister Müller said, "I would like to thank everyone who in the past few weeks has worked so hard to put together the shipment of relief supplies and coordinate the work involved so quickly. This shipment is intended as a gesture of solidarity. The people living in the Ukraine can rely on us to be their partners. We want to help ensure that the many Ukrainian families now suffering will have appropriate infrastructure to help them get through the winter."

According to estimates, one million people in the Ukraine have fled the armed conflict. Minister Müller will officially hand over some of the relief supplies in Kharkiv on 14 October.

All of the one hundred plus lorries are expected to cross the Polish-Ukrainian border near Jagodin sometime next Tuesday. From there, the convoy will continue to a distribution centre near Kiev. There the relief supplies will be unloaded and repacked according to destination, and will then be transported to Eastern Ukraine. The relief shipments organised by the BMZ are being delivered with the help of the German Foreign Office and Germany's local diplomatic missions – with support from the GIZ (working on behalf of our ministry), the German Red Cross and the Federal Agency for Technical Relief.

Besides providing this relief shipment, Germany's development ministry intends to intensify its development cooperation work with the Ukraine. In addition to the 25.5 million euros committed under conventional development cooperation this year, Germany has made available a further 45 million euros since the crisis began to fund infrastructure and reconstruction measures, as well as six million euros in humanitarian aid.

For more than twenty years, the Development Ministry has been working with the Ukraine indirectly through regional programmes. The support Germany provides is used, for example, to refurbish hospitals, schools and gyms, promote the private sector and improve the health care system.

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