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State Secretary Kitschelt announces new head of Engagement Global - Service for Development Initiatives

19.11.2014 |

Berlin – Dr Friedrich Kitschelt, State Secretary at the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, today announced the new Managing Director of Engagement Global - Service for Development Initiatives.

"In future, Engagement Global will be headed by Dr Jens Kreuter (49)," Dr Friedrich Kitschelt stated. "Dr Kreuter was selected in a transparent and participatory procedure led by my Ministry and involving members of the Board of Trustees of Engagement Global and the agency's co-determination bodies."

"As a former Federal Commissioner for Civilian Service, who was in charge of setting up the Federal Voluntary Service, Dr Kreuter has extensive knowledge of public sector cooperation with civil society organisations, a wide network that spans society and excellent knowledge of the current debate on how to nurture even more social involvement. He has a long track record in senior positions at the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, where he gained profound managerial and administrative skills that will now serve him well in his work as Managing Director."

"Bernd Krupp, who has been the General Manager of Engagement Global since its inception, will continue to oversee administration and act as Deputy Managing Director. We would like to thank the current Managing Director, Gabriela Büssemaker, for her contribution to getting the agency off the ground after it was established. Her contract will expire on 31 January 2015."

"By taking this staff decision, the BMZ is fine-tuning the agency's focus while at the same time ensuring a continuity of management. My warmest congratulations to Dr Kreuter and Mr Krupp. I look forward to cooperating with the two of them."

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