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German De­vel­op­ment Minister Müller on the new IPCC report: "Climate change is jeopardising pov­er­ty reduction efforts worldwide"

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31.03.2014 |

Berlin – Today, the new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on the impacts and risks of climate change and the opportunities for adaptation was launched in Yokohama in Japan.

The report finds that the consequences of climate change, for example, for poor people, for ag­ri­cul­tur­al production, also for eco-systems on land and for the oceans, can already be felt worldwide. These risks will continue to increase even if the in­ter­national com­mu­ni­ty takes immediate and determined action to tackle climate change.

"We are facing a tremendous challenge for the future," said Federal Minister Gerd Müller. "We want an end to pov­er­ty and hunger worldwide. At the same time, however, we need to safeguard the vital natural resource base of our planet – the whole of creation. The crucial question is whether we will manage to halt climate change and adapt to it, for the consequences of global warming are not only the cause of new pov­er­ty and vulnerability, they can also annihilate decades of de­vel­op­ment in our partner coun­tries. Not so long ago, in November last year, typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines with a force that was unlike anything that had previously been experienced, reminding us in a terrible way that we are not dealing with abstract scenarios put forward by concerned scientists. This is about our present and our children's future."

In 2012 alone the BMZ invested 560 million euros in adaptation to climate change. In 2013, the BMZ was responsible in total for about 90 per cent (1.8 billion euros) of the German government's contribution to in­ter­national climate financing.

In India, for example, Germany is supporting the establishment of "green energy corridors" – thanks to these efforts, power from renewable sources can be fed into the national grid. In Africa, the BMZ recently contributed 50 million euros towards setting up a drought insurance plan for Africa which will enable African coun­tries to take out insurance against specific drought risks.

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