From a continent of crises to a con­ti­nent of op­por­tu­ni­ties – Par­lia­men­ta­ry State Secretary Fuchtel at­tends African Busi­ness Forum in Tübingen

Parliamentary State Secretary Hans-Joachim Fuchtel

18.07.2014 |

Hans-Joachim Fuchtel, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Co­op­er­a­tion and De­vel­op­ment, today visited the "5. In­ter­natio­nale Afrika Festival Tübingen" (5th In­ter­national Africa Festival in Tübingen). The Festival features an African Business Forum, organised by the Chambers of Industry and Commerce for the regions of the Northern Black Forest and Reutlingen.

Touring the Festival, Hans-Joachim Fuchtel said: "Events such as this one showcase very effectively that there are a great many opportunities on the African continent. Despite the crises that remain to be overcome there, the economic strength of most African coun­tries continues to grow. Africa is rich in natural resources, has considerable ag­ri­cul­tur­al potential and a young and growing popu­la­tion. In our de­vel­op­ment co­op­er­a­tion work with Africa, we are very committed to de­vel­op­ing the prospects of the people living there, in particular the young. Germany is currently doing excellent work in the education sector, and can do even more to enhance the transfer of the knowledge and technologies needed to meet the challenges facing the continent with regard to energy, climate, the en­vi­ron­ment and mobility."

Fuchtel emphasised that co­op­er­a­tion with the business sector was an im­por­tant instrument in tackling such global challenges and leveraging the potential that Africa has to offer. German companies could give a significant push to growth and de­vel­op­ment in de­vel­op­ing partner coun­tries by investing there. This would allow partner coun­tries to reap the benefits not only of the German companies' capital and ability to create jobs, but also of their powers of innovation, expert knowledge, creativity and values.

The German gov­ern­ment has been supporting de­vel­op­ment partnerships with the private sector for 15 years now. Its programme,, seeks to bring together private-sector know-how with de­vel­op­ment policy know-how in order to produce solutions to global challenges. The plan is for the public and the private sector to continue working together in the future. In keeping with its commitment to deliver sus­tain­able de­vel­op­ment, the BMZ wants, in this new legislative term, to support German private sector activities that have a positive impact on pov­er­ty reduction and sus­tain­able de­vel­op­ment in our partner coun­tries. As regards corporate re­spon­si­bil­i­ty, the BMZ is working to enhance the enabling en­vi­ron­ment provided by the state in order to encourage companies to undertake activities that foster de­vel­op­ment, promote private-sector commitment to sus­tain­able de­vel­op­ment, and improve conditions for closer co­op­er­a­tion between the public and private sector.

The BMZ wants to intensify its collaboration with Germany's private sector in particular in the areas of food and ag­ri­cul­ture and education and employment, as these are priority areas.

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