Ebola outbreak in West Africa

Federal Minister Müller: Germany will pledge additional one million euros to WHO to fight Ebola virus

05.08.2014 |

Federal Minister Müller announced today that in view of the widening Ebola crisis in West Africa the German gov­ern­ment will respond by stepping up its assistance to fight the disease.

"The situ­a­tion demands an urgent response," said Gerd Müller. "The World Health Organization and non-governmental organisations such as Médecins Sans Frontières, their staff and numerous helpers in the field are engaged in superhuman efforts. They are providing medical care in very difficult cir­cum­stances, helping the people affected by the virus. They are also informing and educating people about the disease, thus keeping the epidemic from spreading further. We will support the valuable work done by WHO by rapidly making an additional one million euros available from the funds of the German De­vel­op­ment Ministry."

These new resources will mainly be used to strengthen the logistical capacities and improve the coordination and monitoring of aid activities in the regions most severely hit by the outbreak.

Over the past few years, the BMZ has been supporting the WHO's work in fighting pandemics in our partner coun­tries with almost 30 million euros with a view to sustainably strengthening their national health systems over the long term.

In March 2014, the highly contagious and deadly Ebola virus broke out in the border region between Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. This was the first time it had ever appeared in West Africa. The disease then spread to other regions and the capitals of all three coun­tries, thus considerably increasing the risk of the virus spreading to coun­tries and regions so far unaffected. According to the latest WHO information, more than 1,600 cases of Ebola have been confirmed and more than 880 people have fallen victim to the disease. This makes the recent outbreak the worst ever since the virus first emerged in 1976.

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