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European Investment Bank – loans for partner countries

The European Investment Bank (EIB), based in Luxembourg, was founded in 1958 as the financing institution of the European Community. Its main responsibility is to finance investments that will promote European integration and help achieve the goals of the Community. To this end, it awards longer-term loans with periods of grace and issues sureties for public and private investors.

EU member states subscribe for a percentage of the capital of the bank in line with their economic importance within the EU. The EIB does not receive any other funding from the EU budget, but must raise money on the capital market by issuing bonds.

The EIB is an independent legal entity and is financially autonomous within the EU. As an institution of the EU, the EIB brings its activities into line with the changing political goals of the Community. Outside the EU the European Investment Bank implements the financial protocols to the agreements concluded within the framework of development cooperation with the EU. It accords loans for investments which will contribute to the economic and social development of partner countries throughout the world, or which will allow Central and Eastern European accession candidates to move closer to the EU.

The EIB invests about 85 per cent of its capital within the EU. Outside the EU it extends loans within the framework of the development and cooperation policy of the EU. In 2006, the EIB lent a total of 48.66 billion euros for projects within the EU. In non-EU states 7.79 billion euros were made available.

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European Investment Bank

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