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AWO International

AWO International was founded in 1998 as the humanitarian aid and development cooperation arm of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO). It coordinates all the international activities of the AWO, along with humanitarian aid and development cooperation measures. Its work is based on the fundamental principles of liberty, justice, tolerance and solidarity that are central to the labour movement.

AWO International receives funding from the BMZ in the framework of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sozialstruktur (Social Improvement Network). The organisation supports projects in Latin America and Asia, among others. Humanitarian aid and conflict prevention, poverty reduction, advisory services for member organisations, assistance for youth and senior citizens geared to integrating them fully into society, social security systems and health promotion are major focuses of the work of AWO International.

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AWO International e.V.

Markgrafenstraße 11
D-10969 Berlin
Phone: +49 / 30 / 252 92-771
Fax: +49 / 30 / 252 92-571

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