Bilateral cooperation

Players in bilateral cooperation between Germany and its partner countries

A young boy is helping by housebuilding. Copyright: German de­velop­ment co­operation with partner countries rests on two pillars: it is either initiated and organised by the German govern­ment, or devised and im­ple­mented in­de­pendently by non-govern­mental organisations.

Official Develop­ment Assistance (ODA) embraces all Technical and Financial Cooperation projects and pro­grammes which are agreed on in contracts entered into directly with the governments of partner countries. The BMZ contracts the so-called implementing organisations to realise the projects, which are funded completely from the national German budget.

Non-governmental cooperation is funded by various groups and organisations, and organised by them on their own responsibility. This cooperation is financed partly by the inputs of the organisations and partly by state subsidies.

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