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Web portal: Healthy DEvelopments

Healthy DEvelopments: Hospital in Vietnam. Urheberrecht: GIZ

The web portal Healthy DEvelopments is online at This microsite showcases Germany's commitment to health and social pro­tec­tion in partner coun­tries world-wide. It covers news from German-supported programmes and relevant conferences as well as innovative methods and tools, good practices and topics for discussion by health and social protection exports. Since the portal aims to reach interested de­vel­op­ment practitioners worldwide it reports in English rather than in German. And for each of its news items, tools and videos, it invites visitors to comment, thus providing a platform for lively debate on current challenges and promising practices for partner countries' health and social protection systems.

Curious? Check it out at Healthy DEvelopments

G7 Progress Report

G7 progress report

The Japanese G7 presidency has published its accountability report, the Ise-Shima Progress Report. The G7 regularly report on the progress of the commitments made at the annual summits to provide transparency and increase credibility. Full reports on the implementation of the commitments are produced every three years.

You can read the full report here (PDF 4.3 MB) and the summary here (PDF 2.7 MB).

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Logo: Marshall Plan with Africa

With the publication of the 'Cornerstones of a Marshall Plan with Africa', the Federal Development Ministry has kicked off a discussion about what its cooperation with Africa should look like in the future. The African partner countries with which Germany is engaged in development cooperation, as well as the private sector and academia, the churches, society and policymakers, are all invited to discuss the ideas and solutions proposed in the Marshall Plan and to help develop them further.

We invite anyone interested in this topic to post their own ideas and experiences on our online discussion platform by no later than 26 February 2017. Further information


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