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A country on the road to reform

Political relations between Jordan and Germany are close and amicable. Jordan is one of the partner countries that Germany supports as part of thematic and regional programmes. Cooperation is focused on the priority areas of water, education, technical and vocational education and training and support for refugees and their host communities. Germany is the second largest donor to the country, after the United States. In 2018, the BMZ provided more than 290 million euros. more


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Committed to biodiversity

Germany’s Cooperation with developing countries and emerging economies in support of the Convention on Biological Diversity for Sustainable Development. The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) forms the binding international legal framework for the conservation of biodiversity. There are 196 Parties to the Convention, which has thus been ratified by almost every country in the world. Our latest publication Committed to biodiversity (PDF 21.3 MB) describes Germany's contribution to global efforts to preserve biological diversity.

Web portal: Healthy DEvelopments

SEEG-Einsatz Benin, 2017

The web portal Healthy DEvelopments is online at This microsite showcases Germany's commitment to health and social pro­tec­tion in partner coun­tries world-wide. It covers news from German-supported programmes and relevant conferences as well as innovative methods and tools, good practices and topics for discussion by health and social protection exports. Since the portal aims to reach interested de­vel­op­ment practitioners worldwide it reports in English rather than in German. And for each of its news items, tools and videos, it invites visitors to comment, thus providing a platform for lively debate on current challenges and promising practices for partner countries' health and social protection systems.

Curious? Check it out at Healthy DEvelopments

Our issues page

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Poverty, education, democracy, displacement, health, climate protection, social standards, the economy – German development policy covers a wide range of topics.

To give you a comprehensive overview of the diverse challenges and fields of work of development cooperation, we have compiled a keyword register for you. You can reach it via the navigation point "Issues", above in the grey navigation bar or find the overview page here.


20.08.2012 - Anti-corruption and integrity in German development policy

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The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is led by

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The 2030 Agenda

The Global Goals

On 25 September 2015, the UN Summit in New York adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Agenda's 17 goals are designed to help all people around the world live in dignity.

The current crises impressively demonstrate just how important this is. For all people to be able to live in peace and without poverty, all states must work together to improve the situation of people and the environment.

Detailed information on Agenda 2030 and its implementation can be found here and on the website

Marshall Plan in action

Logo: Marshall Plan with Africa

The BMZ is in the process of rethinking its cooperation with the countries of Africa. From the Marshall Plan with Africa a new partnership between Africa and Europe can now emerge, which goes far beyond the traditional, project-based development cooperation.

The aim of the BMZ is to strengthen the development capacity of African states. Because many of the global challenges facing all of us can only be tackled with a strong Africa that generates jobs and wealth through sustainable economic growth. Here you can see some examples of how the Marshall Plan with Africa is being implemented.

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