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Publication: Construction Raw Materials in India and Indonesia

29.10.2020 |

As part of the Sector Programme "Extractives and Development", the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) works in the field of local content related to construction raw materials and their potential for developing and emerging countries. Against this background, a market study and potential analysis in India and Indonesia is currently being carried out.

The studies focus on the urban centers of New Delhi (India) and Surabaya (Indonesia) with their high population growth and the correlating trend of increased urbanization. The raw material demand of these two metropolitan areas is analyzed in the context of regional extraction of construction raw materials in a radius of up to 150 km.

Construction raw materials are mostly low-priced. Nonetheless, if used demand-oriented, they can make a significant contribution to local content creation. The study illustrates the value chains of selected construction raw materials and analyzes them in relation to both, socio-economic and ecological impacts as well as their development potential. Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic field studies could not be conducted as planned.

For further information, please contact Hannah Maul.


Construction Raw Materials in India and Indonesia. Market Study and Potential Analysis.

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