Implementing international raw materials policy standards

Support for implementation of the Africa Mining Vision

The adoption of the Africa Mining Vision (AMV) by the African Union and African mining ministers in 2009 counts as an important milestone in the harmonisation of regulations in the extractive sector. The AMV sets out a resource-based industrialisation and development strategy for Africa. The aim is that transparent, effective, socially responsible and environmentally sound utilisation of mineral resources should underpin an equitable and sustainable growth trend and that contributions to a country’s socio-economic development should be increased. The AMV uses a wide spectrum of approaches to achieve these objectives, including measures to boost the planning, administrative and steering capacities of state institutions, to structure and formalise artisanal and small-scale mining, to expand energy supplies and infrastructure, to establish accompanying, upstream and downstream (supply) industries and to shape fair contractual relationships.

As the most important Pan-African initiative in the extractive sector, the AMV has the potential to become a pioneering standard for structuring the extractive sector in Africa on the basis of the principles of good governance, transparency and sustainability. The Action Plan for Implementing the AMV was agreed in December 2011. It envisages closer cooperation on setting up geological information systems, administering the mining sector and introducing environmental and social standards.

The African Union commissioned the African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC) with implementing the AMV in individual member states. In this, the AMDC is supported by the Extractives and Development sector programme, for instance by preparing and applying a Pan-African AMV communications strategy or supporting analytical procedures and strategy processes. Relevant activities are taking place in countries such as Burundi, Mali, Liberia and Sierra Leone. In 2014, the sector programme assisted with the compilation of a guide – the Country Mining Vision Guidebook – to help put the AMV into practice. Extractives and Development is also working with AMDC to implement other activities, providing technical and issue-specific assistance, for example for the planned development of a global reporting standard for local procurement and value creation strategies, an infrastructure matrix for West Africa and activities in the field of artisanal and small-scale mining.

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