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Global and local extractive industry

Quarry in Namibia

Mining Investment and Governance Review (MInGov)

Mining livelihoods

The Mining Investment and Governance Review (MInGov) is an innovative instrument designed for the systematic and comprehensive assessment of investment conditions in the extractive sector in developing countries. It takes account of factors such as the legal framework, institutions, procedures, infrastructure and the skills of the labour force. The various aspects are examined to determine their strengths and weaknesses and their significance within the extractive sector. Find out more about this approach. more

Enterprise around Mining

Containers at a mine in Zimbabwe

The aim of the Enterprise around Mining programme is to integrate local small and medium-sized enterprises more closely into the extractive sector. Its potential tasks include interest intermediation between international and local companies in the extractive sector, promoting training and expanding business networks. Find out more about this approach. more

Mining Local Procurement Reporting Initiative

Metal processing

Many developing countries adopt local content regulations in order to boost local value added in the face of foreign competition and to establish a local supply and processing industry in the long term. The Extractives and Development sector programme promotes local content activities by mining companies relating to local content by engaging in the participatory development of the Mining Local Procurement Reporting Initiative. Find out more about this topic. more

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