Social and ecological aspects

Human Rights in the mining sector

Working conditions in Serra Pelada, Brasil

Driven by clashes with indigenous peoples and affected citizens and workers, the debate on human rights in mining usually takes place in a politically heated environment where economic interest and civil society advocacy collide.

With this contentious environment as a basis, most human rights assessments focus on specific issues, such as occupational health and security or ‘free, prior and informed consent’ (FPIC), which provide only a fragmented and usually biased understanding of the human rights implications of the mining industry. Few attempts have been carried out to provide a comprehensive assessment on the mining industry and its human rights risks. 

Extractives and Development seeks to move the debate forward by providing a comprehensive human rights risk assessment based on scientific methods and industry knowledge. It will provide a fact based analysis that covers the full range of human rights risks – including those without a strong political lobby – to facilitate a debate without a political bias. Cooperating with the Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law, the assessment will benefit from profound expertise in the human rights and the mining field.

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