Togo: Regional development

Togo: Fostering regional development through tourism

Tourism in Togo is not very developed. The number of tourist arrivals in 2017 was just under 500,000. Internationally, the country ranks 161st out of 185 countries in terms of tourism. But the number of visitors is growing. In 2017, tourist arrivals increased by 46.7 per cent. According to the World Tourism Organization, this was the second-largest increase worldwide after Egypt. The government has drawn up a tourism development plan in order to support the sector.

Making tourism a significant economic factor

As part of a programme to foster good governance and decentralisation in Togo, Germany is supporting activities for the development of tourism. Initially, these efforts will be focusing on the municipality of Kpalimé.

The purpose of German activities in Kpalimé is to make tourism an economic factor for the region's development. To that end, the project seeks to help improve networking among tourism sector players, bring about a dialogue between municipal and private sector stakeholders, and help develop a regional tourism strategy. The project also includes marketing and training activities.

Results to date

The first tourism strategy for the region has been drawn up based on a participatory process and has become part of the municipal development plan. In a tourism committee, representatives of the private sector, non-governmental organisations and local and regional authorities are jointly working to advance the development of tourism. Training sessions have been held and the first marketing strategies have been developed. The stakeholders have also reached agreement on the introduction of tourist taxes.

Project data

Envisaged duration:
ProDeG III: 2016 – 2021
Tourism component since June 2017

Financial volume: 25,114,696 euros