Rwanda: Economic development

Rwanda: Fostering economic development and job creation through tourism

Every year, about one million tourists visit Rwanda. The East African country has vast cultural diversity, breathtaking lakes, and national parks with an impressive wealth of animals and species, including mountain gorillas

Thanks to the country's mild climate, clean environment and good security situation, the tourism sector is constantly growing. Tourism now contributes as much as 13 per cent to Rwanda's gross domestic product and accounts for 11 per cent of its jobs.

The government wants to continue to develop this important industry. As early as in 2009, it adopted a master plan for the sustainable development of tourism. As part of its programme to foster economic development and job creation ("Eco-Emploi"), Germany supports the implementation of the plan.

Tourism programmes in the Kivu region

Germany's activities focus on the region around Lake Kivu, which has vast potential for tourist activities such as hiking and cycling. The aim of the activities is to further improve tourism programmes and create new business and employment opportunities.

Working together with private and public partners, Eco-Emploi has provided training to tour guides, tour operators and hotel managers on topics such as food services, management, housekeeping management and tour guide skills. Moreover, trainers for the tourism and hospitality industry have been trained. The services provided by municipal tourism projects have been expanded, and new hiking trails have been designated.

Under the umbrella of the local chamber of tourism, a tourism organisation for the Kivu region has been established, which promotes the region at specialised fairs and helps with networking among important players.

Jean Bosco talks about his work in Rwanda

Jean Bosco works for the German government. In Rwanda, he is involved in a project that helps public and private partners to create new jobs. As part of the project, tourism opportunities in Western Rwanda are being optimised.

Project data

Envisaged duration: June 2016 to December 2019

Financial volume: 23,354,440 euros