Agro-tourism in Kyrgyzstan

Agro-tourism in Kyrgyzstan

Some 30 per cent of Kyrgyzstan's people work in agriculture. However, farmers' international competitiveness is very limited, and their productivity is too low. Germany therefore supports a programme in Kyrgyzstan to foster sustainable economic development, which will make the country more competitive. As part of this cooperation, value chains in various sectors are being developed further, including agro-tourism.

Using the country's vast potential for tourism

In total, 86 farmers received training on agro-tourism. In cooperation with local tour operators, programmes for tourists have been developed. In order to publicise the programmes, information tours for international tour operators have been organised.

Kyrgyzstan has vast potential for tourism. It has a lot to offer in terms of landscape - snow-covered seven-thousanders, green mountain meadows, mountain lakes, and also vast grassland or the second largest mountain lake in the world. Throughout much of the country, visitors can experience untouched nature.

Results to date

More than 20 hosts are already providing lodging to independent tourists and to groups organised by tour operators. The number of visitors from Europe has risen from 200 to 2,000 a year. In addition, a website for agro-tourism in Kyrgyzstan has been set up, and agro-tourism has become more popular in Kyrgyzstan.

Project data

Envisaged duration: 2014 to 2019

Financial resources. 150,000 euros