Jordan: New tourism strategy

Jordan: Developing a new tourism strategy

Home to many historical, religious and adventure sites, Jordan offers a unique destination to travellers from around the world. Petra – one of UNESCO's seven wonders –, Dead Sea and Wadi Rum are only some of the country's distinctive locations. Jordan's tourism sector contributes substantially to gross domestic product (GDP), and its reliance on human resources generates enormous income potential for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Affected by regional turmoil in 2011, signs of recovery started to show in 2017 with increasing tourist arrivals.

Improving competitiveness

The project "Employment-oriented MSME promotion" aims to support Jordanian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in line with the government's plans, with a focus on the tourism, food processing, and information and communication technology (ICT), all sectors with considerable growth and employment potential.

The project aims at improving enterprise competitiveness, enhancing the competences within MSMEs and improving the business and investment climate in those sectors.

The project undertook an in-depth analysis of the Jordanian tourism sector specifically looking at opportunities to promote MSMEs. The analysis is based on a participatory approach with the sector's stakeholders and aims to derive and implement concrete actions for boosting MSMEs growth opportunities. The project is currently supporting the digital transformation of tourism service providers and enhancing the industry's linkages locally and internationally.

Project data

Envisaged duration: January 2018 to April 2024

Financial volume: 10 million euros