Albania's southern coastal region

Albania: Integrated sustainable development of the southern coastal region

Albania has much to offer tourists in terms of attractive landscapes and cultural diversity: sandy beaches in the north, rocky shores in the south, mountain areas with traditional villages, archaeological and historical sites. In recent years the number of people visiting the coastal regions has grown, especially during the summer. However, people in the hinterland have benefited little from this development so far. Due to a lack of prospects for development, many people are leaving the rural regions.

German activities

The German government is working with the Albanian government to promote the sustainable economic development of the coastal region of Vlora, an effort that should ultimately benefit the national economy as a whole. In order to create better opportunities for the region's 60,000 people, the development project is based on close cooperation with local communities and with enterprises in the tourism industry.

The focus is on a combination of nature tourism, cultural tourism and food tourism, and on preserving the country's cultural heritage. The project concentrates on the municipalities of Vlora, Himara and Konispol.

Project focus

The measures focus on two fields of action.

For one thing, support is being provided to territorial development planning in the region, through the development of mechanisms to preserve towns, and models through which traditional villages can be revived.

The project also supports the development of sustainable tourism models and the integration of products into tourism value chains.

More specifically, the project is supporting the expansion of outdoor activities and events such as hiking, mountain biking, cultural tours and festivals. Mapping out hiking and cycling routes, for example, especially benefits rural tourism service providers. Training on rural tourism and mountain tourism is being provided to the owners of bed and breakfast establishments in the region. The various measures contribute towards strengthening the local and international competitiveness of the tourism industry.


Marketing strategy

The project is also assisting with the development of a marketing strategy. A regional trade mark and a regional logo are being developed in order to facilitate joint marketing of the region as a whole.

International media are reporting more and more often on Albania's southern coastal region as a tourist destination. German tour operators that offer holidays "off the beaten track" have included the region in their programmes.

Project data

Envisaged duration: March 2015 to February 2019

Financial volume: 2 million euros