Our responsibility

ONE WORLD – Our responsibility

Assuming responsibility on the ground means: everything we do is done in close cooperation with our developing partner countries. Our initiatives can only succeed if our partner countries take ownership of them and assume primary responsibility for their success or failure. That is why our work is closely aligned with the strategies and policies being pursued by our partner countries themselves, and why all our strategies are coordinated with our partners.

Assuming responsibility, also in Europe, means: Europe, too, has a responsibility – a responsibility to pursue an EU agricultural policy that is development-oriented; to maintain environmental and social safeguards; to pursue climate policies that will help safeguard the future; and to support developing countries in their efforts to adapt to climate change. It is up to German and European enterprises to make responsible investments that will benefit the people living in the developing countries.

We, as individuals, also have a responsibility – a responsibility through our very own behaviour as consumers. Too many of the crops grown on the world's agricultural land do not end up on the plate but, rather, in the trough, the fuel tank or the waste bin. One in eight food items bought in German shops is thrown away. This has consequences for the environment. Not only are valuable resources such as arable land, water, fertilisers, as well as energy for harvesting, processing and transport – used to produce foodstuffs, but emissions that damage our environment are also produced in the process. With every food item we throw away, we are senselessly wasting these resources.