Strengthening resilience

We are helping people and institutions to overcome famine more quickly and to prevent famine in the future

People who are suffering from hunger are especially vulnerable in times of political crisis or violent conflict, and to the effects of droughts, flooding and climate change. Our "ONE WORLD – No Hunger" initiative provides support to these people so that they are better able to cope with such challenges and to adapt to new conditions. Thus, for example, measures under the initiative help them to restore soil fertility, improve irrigation methods, increase storage capacities for grain and rice, and diversify the sources of income that families have. In addition, communities and their politicians receive help in responding to famines more adequately and with more foresight. This helps them prevent famines, or at least cope with them better, in the future.

Improving food and nutrition security as well as resilience

There is a new programme under Germany's special initiative with which are helping twelve countries to ensure that their people have access to adequate amounts of nutritious food. But that alone is not enough. For a healthy diet, people also need to know about food hygiene and how to use, store and prepare food. We are supporting our partners in disseminating such important knowledge. In addition, we are also involved in improving safe drinking water supplies and healthcare systems, as well as in setting up social protection systems in these countries.

Our programme focuses on households where the diets are especially poor, in particular on families with pregnant women and small children. The lack of a nutritious diet in the first 1000 days of a child's life has an effect on that person's entire physical and mental development.