Achieving food security

We want everyone on this earth to be able to have a decent and healthy diet

The main cause of hunger is not that there is too little food, it is poverty. People just do not have enough money to buy food. In many developing countries, it is mostly the rural population who find themselves in this terrible predicament.

With its development cooperation work, Germany wants to see every man, woman and child have access to the food that he or she needs for a healthy development, physically and mentally. And we pay particular attention to the needs of women. In many countries, it is the women who are chiefly responsible for taking care of their families' nutritional needs. Yet, despite this vital role, they are often disadvantaged. Whenever women's educational opportunities, access to seeds, water, fertilisers and finance, and their land ownership rights improve, so does the situation of their entire family.

Alexandra Ditti, agricultural engineer from Benin

Alexandra Ditti is an agricultural engineer and founder of the company Sahel Enterprise in Benin. With the help of a German programme that supports agriculture, Ditti passes on her knowledge about nutrition and agriculture to local women.

Ditti says: "Women play a key role in improving the food situation, for it is they who decide what the family will eat, and who pass on dietary customs and habits to their children as well as to other women. It makes me happy to be able to support them in this way and to see how, in the process, they improve not only their knowledge but also their social standing and self-confidence."