Supporting refugees

Supporting refugees, internally displaced persons and returnees

Displaced people have not only lost everything they ever owned – many have also been subjected to violence, humiliation and exploitation. Germany is a vocal advocate for refugees' rights, also funding measures designed to alleviate the suffering caused by the traumatic events the refugees have experienced.

Creating prospects for the future

Many refugees know that they probably will not be able to return home for many years. At the same time, it is often very difficult for them to find employment in the country where they have found refuge. In addition, they often do not have adequate access to education programmes or health services.

When people feel they have no future, big problems can result. Even when refugees are able to return home, they face enormous challenges: they must rebuild their everyday lives and routines. Moreover, most returnees, having lost everything when they fled, now need to establish a new livelihood for themselves.

The aim of German development cooperation in this context is to create new prospects both for refugees in host countries and for returnees. To that end, Germany is investing, among other things, in the reconstruction of schools and health centres.

Advice is also provided to some 3,000 migrants each year who are voluntarily returning from Germany to their home countries. This advice is geared towards fostering the transfer of knowledge to their countries of origin, and it focuses on helping them to reintegrate, for example by assisting them in setting up a business.