Tackling the root causes

Tackling the root causes of displacement

In recent years, wars and conflicts have forced millions of people to leave their homes. In addition to these acute causes of displacement, there are also structural causes such as poverty, inequality, weak governance, human rights violations, shortages of resources or food insecurity that gradually take their toll, eventually driving people from their homes. Regardless of how the causes of displacement have come about, the only way they can be tackled at all is through long-term efforts.

German activities

Germany is helping its partner countries to remove the structural causes of displacement. Employment and training programmes, for example, are a way of giving young people in particular prospects for the future, and they foster social cohesion.

Countries in crisis receive support to help them stabilise their political and economic situation, rebuild institutions that have been destroyed and improve the educational and employment prospects of their people. The German government is also working to support regional and international peace processes, as well as a constructive, non-violent approach to settling conflicts.