Toilet facilities for schools in Jordan

Toilet facilities for schools in Jordan

More than half of the Syrian refugees in Jordan are school-age children. Of those, 85,000 attended Jordanian schools in 2014. The schools often run two shifts in order to accommodate them. Despite these efforts, more than half of the Syrian children are not able to go to school. The school buildings cannot accommodate so many children, and many of them lack the sanitation facilities to cope.

"During the past year, my daughter has not been able to go to school since all the schools here are oversubscribed. Many Syrian mothers face this problem – it is alarming!" says one Syrian mother.

Improving the sanitation situation

The BMZ is providing funds for a programme specifically designed to improve the sanitation and hygiene situation in overcrowded schools. Toilets are being repaired and the number of toilets increased. In addition, the cleaning staff are receiving further training, and teachers are being trained to act as hygiene monitors. And the children are being taught how important hygiene is for their health.

Furthermore, sewage treatment plants are being built at a few pilot schools. The water treated in these plants is then used to water the school gardens. These gardens also perform a social function: they serve to bring together Syrian and Jordanian youths, who get to know each other while taking care of the gardens together.