Education for all children in Lebanon

Education for all children in Lebanon

Around 430,000 children have fled with their families from Syria to neighbouring Lebanon. With the war in Syria set to continue, these children have very little prospect of being able to return to their homeland any time soon. However, only very few of them have the opportunity of going to school in Lebanon. The majority of the refugee children are in danger of becoming part of what is beginning to be known as a "lost generation". The war is robbing girls and boys of the chance to lead self-determined lives.

Education programme

Lebanon's education ministry has launched a country-wide programme called "Reaching all Children with Education" in order to do just that – reach all children. The programme is designed to provide improved access to basic education for both Syrian refugee children and needy Lebanese children. One of the organisations involved in the implementation of the programme is UNICEF, as part of its No Lost Generation initiative.

And Germany is one of the biggest supporters of UNICEF's work in Lebanon. In the 2014/15 school year, the BMZ provided 34 million euros to support the Reaching All Children with Education (RACE) programme. For the 2015/16 school year, the BMZ made available 65 million euros. By increasing the support provided it will be possible to ensure that up to 200,000 children can be enrolled in school, giving them a better future.

Results for the 2014/15 school year