Kick for Hope in Jordan

"Kick for Hope" in Jordan

Sport is fun. Sport fosters physical and mental wellbeing. It teaches people values such as fairness, tolerance, respect and discipline. It boosts self-esteem and self-confidence, and increases people's willingness to take on responsibility. That is why sport is used successfully in many development cooperation programmes to help build peace and prevent conflicts.

Making use of the positive potential of football

Streetfootballworld is a network of non-governmental organisations. With its peace-building project "Kick for hope", the organisation is bringing together Syrian children and young people from the refugee camps and children of the same age from Jordanian neighbourhoods so that they can play football with one another. Thus, the project offers the youngsters of each group the opportunity to meet and get to know the youngsters from the other group. The project also helps them deal with their wartime experiences and learn how to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence.

Fostering dialogue and preventing violence

The peace-building project "Kick for Hope" is being sponsored by the BMZ. It is reaching around 10,000 Syrian and Jordanian adolescents. Two hundred and fifty of these young people are being trained as volunteer coaches. During their training, they learn what to look out for when working with traumatised children, and how to foster dialogue and prevent violence. All participants receive training so that they can become so-called 'peer educators' and pass on the skills they have learned to other young people when the war ends and they return to their home communities. With these skills, they can help build a new, peaceful society.