Vocational training in Afghanistan

Places on training courses to create opportunities in Afghanistan

There are some 1.7 million young people in Afghanistan who are the right age for vocational training – but at the moment there are still far too few training courses for them.

Students in vocational schools are not getting the training they need

In 2014, only 80,000 young people were able to get a place at one of the country's 300 vocational schools. Moreover, many vocational schools are poorly equipped; there are no standardised curricula or exams; and most teachers lack practical experience in the world of work. Thus, when they complete their training, many of these students are not prepared for the job as well as they could be.

Another 600,000 young people received informal training in 2014, learning a trade in small businesses in the traditional way, without any government support. However, these new workers often lack the technical background knowledge needed to carry out their jobs in the modern world.

Practice-oriented training

If Afghanistan is to give job opportunities to all young people and foster economic development, it will need about 1,000 well-equipped vocational schools and some 70,000 qualified teachers in the long term. Germany is supporting Afghanistan in developing a vocational education system that meets these requirements – so that all young people can receive practice-oriented training on the basis of uniform standards as soon as possible.

Results so far